Sweet Home Florida!


Eric RidingSweet Home Florida!
During thanksgiving break I met with Alex Bloechinger and his crew down in Key Biscayne for a sick kiteboarding session. There was a front coming from the SW, it was gusting to 30kts. Alex took his 7m 09 Fuel out and I was lit on my 9m. He was looping it all day! I used to ride the Rev, but after flying the Fuel, I love it to death!  Unhooking and jumping with the Fuel is so smooth and stable. After an awesome day, I was so exhausted and had to catch a flight back the same day to school. Now I am studying for finals and will be back home again next week. The CKA Tour #4 will be hosted in Ft. Lauderdale on Jan. 10-11. I will be competing for Purdue. During the upcoming winter break, I will try to ride as much as possible and also hit up the cable as well. I will keep you guys posted with some pictures soon!
Eric Yeung

photo by Lance Koudele
photo by Lance Koudele

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