Ruben Lenten Down Under

Another great trip Down Under. 

The lifestyle, the weather and ‘oh so many’ kiteboarding spots is what makes Australia one of my favorite places to be!


My trip actually started kind of weird, this guy at the Malaysia check-in wanted me to pay 54 Euros per kilo. As I’m traveling with like 35kg sporting equipment he wanted to charge 1890,-Euros.

I tried everything I could to get a flat rate for my sporting equipment, but he wouldn’t do anything to help me.

I ended up canceling my flight and book another one with KLM. They charged me 160Euros, which is a fair deal. Some airlines are just too retarded to understand!


Anyways, I arrived in Melbourne on the 11th of November. My mate Steve lives right by the beach, shopping street and gym. So everything’s pretty mellow and easy to get to.


The purpose of my trip was more of a holiday kind of thing, but it turned out in quite a bit of traveling and riding.

I got back on my gym schedule which makes me feel much better. Being in shape is so important.


During my trip I visited Perth for 10days or so, pretty nice place. Unfortunately we didn’t score too much wind…


I went to The 28th Mambo Merimbula Classic, this is a pretty cool Australian style event. Met lots of cool people and had a bit of a party…


In Melbourne I met Pauly, he’s filming a 100% dedicated kiteboarding Tv show which will air on Fuel Tv in January.

He’s a cool dude and I hung out with him quite a bit.

We went over to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast were I did some of the hosting for the show. Which was pretty cool to do.


I ended up wakeboarding at the Sunshine coast, just an insane cable park what they have there. They’ve got like 14 obstacles in the water.

Had a lot of fun with Andy Yates, he’s ripping these days. 


Flying back home on Wednesday, only staying for a day or five. 

I’m off to Cape Town on the 16th and will stay there until the end of January.

Filming and shooting some new stuff, should be fun!


Keep ya in the loop.

Rock it!

Cheers Ruben

2 thoughts on “Ruben Lenten Down Under”

  1. hi i´m gchalo, from rosario, arg. i bouth a slingshot rev 09 but i´m not sure if this kite is 2008 or 2009… really i´m not check the diference bethuing 2008 at 2009 slingshot rev 2009… this is the serial #64531… is true or is a serial false numbre..

    i am waiting for your answer.


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