Andy Yates Update!



The last few days I have been on the Gold Coast filming for a co-host position for Kite Life, the new Australian 100% dedicated kiteboarding TV show that will soon appear on Fuel TV. For 2 days the Kite Life crew was busy filming some sweet action shots of Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman and myself for the episodes. The Gold Coast had some of the most amazing places that I didn’t even know existed. One of the spots had a huge sandbar with perfect flat water and clean wind. The film crew got some amazing shots from their boat of us kiting only metres away. 

After we got all the shots we needed for the Kite Life episodes, Ruben and I drove 2 hours back to the Sunshine Coast where I live to hit the cable park. We spent the majority of the next 2 days chilling out at the cable park that’s only 10 minutes away from my house. Ruben was amazed at the 12 obstacles of the park, one of which he especially took a liking to was a HUGE fun box.

It’s summer now on the Sunshine Coast so there is wind practically every day. For the next few weeks I am going to get out as much as I can in all my favourite local spots and then go to Perth, Western Australia to kite Woodies again. Can’t wait._mg_1465


First Place Pro’s, Viento y Marea Cozumel

“After my second trip to Cozumel for the Viento y Marea Tournament, I can say that it is a great place to go to, whether it is for kiting partying or surfing. The first few days of the competition were windless, but most of the locals made our days a little less painful. Luckily the very last day of the competition, a small gust came in. Photographers, judges and a driver jumped in a fishing boat and we all moved outward around 40ft from the beach, since there is a strong current that gives you more power while kiting. We all had big kites, and I actually borrowed a Turbo 14, which was very weird. We all tried our best, and those conditions weren’t easy to be free styling on, but we made it look good and it was another great experience in the crystal clear waters of Cozumel. ”

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Diego Tron, Slingshot Regional Rider


Diego Tron Photo courtesy of Richard Halman
Diego Tron Photo courtesy of Richard Hallman
Diego Tron Photo courtesy of Richard Hallman
Diego Tron Photo courtesy of Richard Hallman