last weekend I jetted off to the Bahamas with my dear lady-friend for a quick escape from the cold and wind we are currently experiencing in the orlando area. I had never ben to the bahamas before and after realizing that the flight is only an hour and some change from home you can bet I will be “disappearing” a whole lot more…Not only did I get the chance to jump into the water with 20 sharks (OK they were nurse sharks) but we also got to spend some quality time with some pigs who swan out to our boat for some food and beer. Seriously, this really happened. After feeding the pigs I decided to show them how to do a beach-start on the wakeskate…

-Jeff McKee

Greeting’s from Nick V.

What’s up America and and beyond? Nick here, checking in saying “what up?”. I’ve been marinating in Portland for 2 months shredding Mt. Hood. It sure has been epic. I recently graduated from college and now have alot more time on my hands, it’s RAD. Right now I’m sitting at my mom’s house in Mobile, AL getting ready to drive back to the west coast. Cali here I come. I’m really hoping to score a sweet gig on a reality TV show, once you get on one you’re set for at least 5 more after. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. On my 3 day journey across the country on I-10, I’m gonna check out some winch spots for the summer. Once I get to LA, I will meet up with some fellow winchers such as The Fish and So-Kyle maybe do some shredding if it’s not too cold. After all it is winter and that means POWDER. In LA, I’ll also hook up with wakeskater/ artist/ computer wizard, Joey Northrup. Feel out the scene and maybe run into the girls from The Hills. If I don’t score a meal ticket on a reality show right away, I’m gonna go ahead and hop on the 5 and head up to the Bay and get my THIZZ on. Stopping in Discovery Bay and meeting up with famed photographer, BIG ROD.COM, better known as Rodrigo. Go shred some Tahoe and check out some winch spots for when the snow melts. Then from there back to Portland to shred the mountain until Al Gore and his global warming makes the water warm enough to submerse myself without being worried about hypothermia. Well I need to get back to packing for my cross country excursion. Peace out people.

Mt. Hood taunting me...
Mt. Hood taunting me...

Miami Boat Show

Yo. What’s up everybody? I just got back from the Miami boat show last weekend, and luckily enough I have some memories to share with you. Miami is crazy…

Cold in HotLanta!

Whats up everyone, Rhett here from GA. Just chiming in to show you guys the trailer to Scratch Films new video “The Way.” The Video features a 2 week long road trip through Washington with 6 riders including Slingshot team riders Travis Propst and Myself. Seeing it makes me want to ride so bad! Check it out…now

YouTube Trailer

On another note, I have been really busy finishing up the music production for the video as well. All the songs you hear are going to be sample beats from my MPC 2000XL. Here is a sneak peak.



Show Us Your Scene

Check this out…Just the other day Kyle Chinn from our customer service and shipping / warranty department forwarded these video links to all the SS employee’s to check out; All I can say is SICK!! This is a video of a couple of guys from Spring Texas who are loving the product and you’ll know exactly why once you push play. Their vision of what wakeboarding is and what it could be is unique and inspiring to me. It’s refreshing to see guys like this pushing the sport in a freeride direction and thinking outside the box. The pipe launch is especially awesome and reminds me of skateboarding…Also if you have time click around through the related video’s on this page and you’ll come to realize that an hour has already passed and you still haven’t finished that assignment that is now due. Haha. That’s where I found myself. Click the links, have fun and get inspired; trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Then if you feel you’ve got some of your own content that’s worthwhile send it in!  Peaceout.



Enjoy riding by;

Andrew Adams, Davis Griffin, Chris Abadie




Back into the shred

robbypress11Hello everyone, Robby Jacques here.  I am just posting to let everyone know my knee is fully back to normal from surgery late last year.  I am riding on the wake and rails just like normal once again and I feel great!  I got to ride yesterday morning as well as this morning out at the projects rail park and It was a really good time.  Jeff Mckee, Garret Cortese, Nate Perry and myself met up and did some really early morning rail shredding and shooting and it went really well.  Hopefully you guys will be seeing some of the shots shortly.  Well thanks for reading and we will talk again soon!

Robby Jacques