Back in the Saddle…


The Stalefish done right...
The Stalefish done right...

Just got home from the Salt Lake show and its time to get my ass back in gear…Rob Jacques is back on the water after a short recovery period for his knee scope and now we’re teaming up to take our riding over the top. The projects has been and will continue to be a second home to both of us as we get ready for the upcoming season. I’ve also been working pretty closely with wake photographer Bryan Soderland on some pretty unique shot ideas. I love working with “bear” as they call him because he shoots film and thinks outside the box. If you’re only going to do something once he’s the guy to get the shot…One idea I’m working on involves a kicker and the other involves a winch; both of which I hardly ever use and definitely don’t have. Haha. Anyone want to donate a winch and kicker to help the cause?



On a separate note I have also been shooting a few photo’s of my own lately. Most recently I was able to get together with our new female team rider Corrie Dyer in Orlando to shoot some stuff for our website. Corrie kills it! She is planning to take on the pro women’s division this year and if you ask me the outlook for her is “very good”. Here is one of my better shots from the shoot…ttylmf (my friends).


-Jeff McKee

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