Back into the shred

robbypress11Hello everyone, Robby Jacques here.  I am just posting to let everyone know my knee is fully back to normal from surgery late last year.  I am riding on the wake and rails just like normal once again and I feel great!  I got to ride yesterday morning as well as this morning out at the projects rail park and It was a really good time.  Jeff Mckee, Garret Cortese, Nate Perry and myself met up and did some really early morning rail shredding and shooting and it went really well.  Hopefully you guys will be seeing some of the shots shortly.  Well thanks for reading and we will talk again soon!

Robby Jacques

One thought on “Back into the shred”

  1. Robby,

    Glad to hear your back in top phisical condition brah! What do you thik of the underdogs of the SS team Nate Perry and Kris salteski’s riding? I think the Projects camp is still breading the best rail riders in the world.
    Have a good one and see you at the rail park


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