Show Us Your Scene

Check this out…Just the other day Kyle Chinn from our customer service and shipping / warranty department forwarded these video links to all the SS employee’s to check out; All I can say is SICK!! This is a video of a couple of guys from Spring Texas who are loving the product and you’ll know exactly why once you push play. Their vision of what wakeboarding is and what it could be is unique and inspiring to me. It’s refreshing to see guys like this pushing the sport in a freeride direction and thinking outside the box. The pipe launch is especially awesome and reminds me of skateboarding…Also if you have time click around through the related video’s on this page and you’ll come to realize that an hour has already passed and you still haven’t finished that assignment that is now due. Haha. That’s where I found myself. Click the links, have fun and get inspired; trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Then if you feel you’ve got some of your own content that’s worthwhile send it in!  Peaceout.



Enjoy riding by;

Andrew Adams, Davis Griffin, Chris Abadie




2 thoughts on “Show Us Your Scene”

  1. yo guys thanks for the post, it really means alot. we’re filming some winch spots in houston this weekend then goin to hit the all natural rooftop for the first time, so be lookin for the vid next week. thanks again.

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