2009 Idaho snowKITE Soldier Event

Hey everyone!

Conditions were sick and the first day of the event went off; Big time! Had up to 70+ kites up in the air and who knows how many visitors stopped by on there way to Sun Valley to check it out and take a couple photo’s.

Rail Crew was on point and slayed the park course. Riders were super stoke to have those to steeze out on… Porker run went off. No one flew there kite in the power line… That was good. Sunset sess was off the hook with dream like colors for the ending of day and steady RPM 12m weather till dark.

Saturday was a big day with winds coming from the east. So pack your bags and hop on the bus and ride to the next spot… A bit of an linguistics nightmare but from what I saw it turned out great!

Super sick spot with some killer features! Riders were super pump for this spot and from what i saw the event had up to 80+ kites up in the air at all times. Blue bird too.

Rode till dark… Missed the bus…

Friday again was super epic day with conditions perfect for the urban grind… All sliders and rails were being used and progression happen… Riders hitting the man-made features were super pumped! Thanks to the crew that threw down and maintained the park… RESPECT!

Saturday night was beyond off the hook! Super killer night at the sawtooth grill & club. Every Tom Dick and Harry was on hand to help make the night one to remember… The local town was pumped and they had no idea kiters were down to party hard. Basically everyone got wasted…

Sunday was hang over day so homeward bound was the call; Early. Although the wind was up and kiters were out. Shout out to all the SK crew that came out from all regions, the event organizers, the town of fairfield and all that supported the event!

It was one to remember! Till next time, peace.

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