2009 Montana snowKITE Rodeo Event

Well basically it sucked….

Hell no it didn’t! The annual trip to Montana is always a highlight of the year and will be for years to come…

Friday day was sickie blue blue at Discovery Basin and groomers were the call for the day. Friday afternoon had good wind at the lake and riding was till dark so everyone had to be fired up for a sweet Sat but that never happen. Super uber light up at Haggin and the George town lake. But hopes were high for the killer party that was gonna go down that night. Never made it to the party but it sounded like one hell of a time and the band rocked or folk rocked blue country grass style rocked…? I guess that the classification…

Anyway got some killer sleep and woke up to blue bird Sunday. Wind was up in town and riders could sense that something was gonna go down and it did later that day. Not at the original spot but pretty dam close. My crew went looking for wind earlier in the day and went for a day trip to check things out. Hell, we went as far as back to the Idaho boarder.
Ya, we were lost but there is a sick ski resort called Lost trail I’m coming back for. http://www.losttrail.com/the_mountain/
Look like a mini Mt Bachelor in OR.

Anyway by the time we found our way back the wind was up. Got a couple hours in on the 15m REV and Dave on the 14m RPM. Light wind kiting at its best… HA!

The event was also the “break-out that f-n thing” of the new SS butter rail Dave welded up for us to use. Super smooth and he is planning on adding another section for hella steeze…

SHOUT OUT: To Joey and Tony for there work putting the event on and there dedication to keeping both KK and SK alive and thriving in MT!

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