wow the qualifier was amazing. the guys from step up productions put togeter a great setup for us to tear up at the lodge bar and grill of scottsdale. There were alot of local heavy hitters such as Brett Mattson, Justin Fisher and Tyler Killingsworth from, CA, Kaesen souyderhoud from, FL, Kyle Alberts from, NE, Trever Marquete and I from, AZ, and many others. The contest started with 20 riders, from there 4 wer eliminated. The semi-final went from 16 to 9, from there the top 4 qualified for the Red Bull Wake Lab. There were a whole gagle of tricks being thrown from Presses to transfers. To say the least Slingshot dominated the event 3 out of the 4 finalist were slingshot riders Kaesen Souyderhoud, Tyler Killingsworth, and myself Larry Taylor. Nick Valeri made a great appereance as well. pictures will be posted soon. see all of you that come for wake lab

Larry Taylor

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