More Hot Sh%t from Texas…

These Texas dudes are ripping it up…Here’s another cool link. The funniest thing is that I was watching this particular video and the guy using the handheld camera and talking while filming actually lives on the same street as my girlfriend here in orlando (he’s here for college). His name is Brent Besing and he has never told me about his crew and their video’s or the fact that they all are riding slingshot so now I am blogging about his crew and video’s without telling him…This will be a really weird blog if I am mistaken about this mysterious case of Brent huh? I hope I’m right…

check out the video in the meantime…Sweet dolly shots in the beginning.

-Jeff McKee

One thought on “More Hot Sh%t from Texas…”

  1. Ya Jeff thats me haha. Thanks for propin our vid dude! I only got one day with everyone but I left them with the fish cam till summer. I hope it holds up cuz its super old and were already havin tech difficulties with it but I like the skate vibe those shots add. The crew just got off for spring break and will be filming all week so expect a fresh edit to be up by next weekend.

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