hey guys its kaesen here….ok so im at owc yesterday and i finish riding and i set my board down at my car while i go and change back into my cloths, i come back and my board, jacket, and helmet were gone. who does that? really??? pretty lame if you ask me. who ever took it isnt very smart cause there are only 4 people in the state of florida with the short bus reflex so i bid him good luck. so if anyone sees some kook on my board hit him up about it or take it back for me 🙂 thank you. laterrrrr
-kaesen suyderhoud

One thought on “thieves”

  1. I sincerely feel for you last thursday my favourite babies were taken away from me 6 kites and four boards were stolen from my car in ft lauderdale they were 04-09 kites all but one fuels (16 eclipse) 7m 2x11m 15m and 19m fuels my wetsuit my harness even my boardshorts an epic directional hana crew owned by neil hutcho a neptune race board SX twin tip from 2001 and a surfboard!!!what is wrong with these people is it getting so bad kiters need to steal from each other I thought this sport was about respect for each other and the enviroment we share I am deeply disappointed and hope KARMA prevails I have been kiting almost ten years and have been a staunch slingshot supporter and never had a piece of gear lost or stolen until now……….KITING IS MY LIFE please do not take that away from people like you and me SHARE DONT STEAL please feel free to email me if anyone has any info it will be kept in confidence the person who tells me and there will be a reward!!!!
    many thanks Stewart

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