Utah Powder Sessions

Just got done with the South East Collegiate Kiteboarding Tour and decided to get a change of pace and head out to Utah with fellow slingy rider Tripp Hobbs. I’ve been all around Park City and Snowbird but its been almost three years since i’ve seen snow, so here we are with a full quiver of Fuels and RPM’s and some scrappy-snowboards.

We’re staying at this place called the Peruvian Lodge in Alta which is just past Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon, its a ski-only resort thats run by a bunch of great vibed ski-bums. The second we unloaded our gear and mentioned to the front desk we were looking to kite they hooked us up with the resort bartender Jay-Ray who just so happens to be the only guy on this mountain that kites and also happens to tear it up on SS Rev’s!

Basically the past three days have turned into the Ultimate snowkite/utah experience thanks to Jay-Ray and another badass local named Dave. We’ve ridden everything from 5-6 knts to 35-40 knts on the 8-10-12 RPM and Tripp’s been sporting his 11m Fuel when its dialed. Yesterday we tried to get some shots off this sick parking lot kicker, but it was a complete whiteout with sideways snow so nothing was too quality… I’ll post the pics in a day or two. It started snowing yesterday at noon and is still a whiteout, we hit the mountain at 7:30 a.m. today and got a guided tour by the head ski patroller from snowbird nothing but freshies thanks to Dave who turned out to be the local North Face rep.

This is way too long and i’m going to get a beer as my stoke is through the roof but if your in Utah and want to check out the latest slingy kites hit us up at waterculture@gmail.com and we’ll hook you up with a demo for sure! Forecast tomorrow 20 – 25 knts with 2-3 feet of fresshy powpow!!! Pics and vids to come soon!

Tripp Hobbs Back Lip on Parking Lot Spine 12 RPM
Tripp Hobbs

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