Shredding at McCormick’s Cable Park in Tampa, FL

So I was out at McCormick’s a couple weeks back for a photo shoot on a Tuesday. The cable was closed, but they opened it for a bunch of us to ride and get some sick shots. There was probably about 10 local riders there and just about everyone was riding Slingshot gear. At first, I was kind of shocked to see such a large majority of riders on Slingshot gear, but it makes total sense, because the boards and bindings totally rock, especially for cable riding.

Patrick Hertel was shooting and got some beautiful photos. He set up on a barge with a few stacks of scaffolding on it and shot everyone hitting the 30-foot uprail, the 60-foot flatbar, the 100-foot A-frame and the massive kicker. I had a great time on the 141 Reflex and D3s that day. While there were a couple of wakeskaters there as well, most people were riding either the Response or Reflex boards, as they are both amazingly fun and high-performing on the obstacles.

On the other hand, both boards are super sick for air tricks. Bummer that Patrick was only shooting obstacles, but maybe some other time…

I was back out at McCormick’s this past Saturday and landed my first grabbed front-to-blind. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I made it out to be in my mind. If I was riding a traditional molded board though, I think it would have been much harder to get so much pop, as the 142 Response and D3 setup gives me insane pop off the flatwater.

I can’t wait to ride again…

Brian Wheeler

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