Eric Yeung – Spring Break – Florida

Few weeks ago, I spent my spring break in Florida. I kited few days in the east coast and a couple in the west coast. I was lucky, wind came with me anywhere I go. I kited 5 out of 8 days. Mostly I was on my 13 Fuel. One day I was on my 9 for a NE cold front. I met up with fellow SS rider Alex Bloechinger. We had a killer downwinder. We kited more than 18 miles. Smashed bunch of waves and wiped out by more. For awhile, I was so over powered on the 9. After 3 and half hours of riding, we were both exhausted. I was going to take the 7 for some loops, but it was late and I had an early flight the next day.

Overall spring break was a great time as I remembered. My friend has a condo over on the Florida west coast. Me and bunch of my friends stayed over at his place for almost a whole week. We had 15 people stayed at his place at one time. It was nuts. My friend’s condo is right on the beach, so I knew whenever the wind blows. Thats always good! About the night life?? No comment! haha. 

Talk about my gear, right now I have a killer set up. I have been flying the 09 Fuels with 20m lines for awhile now. The feeling from it is sick!!! I tried the new RPM during the break. Felt so similar with the Fuel with better range and depower. Unhooking and looping are great. I kinda like the RPM too, but Fuel for LIFE!!

This coming weekend, I am going down to SPI with fellow SS rider Tucker Sherman and bunch of friends from the Gorge. Is gonna be great, butter flat water and waves at the same place!! Hopefully I will have some good pictures.



horsey! horsey!Heaven!!! 25 to 30Hit that Helicopter

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