Jeff getting derrtay
Jeff getting derrtay

Hello everyone, Robby Jacques here!  Wake games has finally come to a close and it was overall a pretty good contest,  J. McKee and I put forth a valient effort to get through the qualifiers only to fall just a tad short.  It was super fun and I was happy with how I rode so no big deal.  In other news, I’m gonna be trying to hit up the projects as much as possible within the coming months to fine tune some shreddage on the rails and do a few shoots as well as riding the wake as much as I can down at The Boarding School.  Somewhat random but super funny, These dudes know what is up! http://www.myfriendisapro.com/the-song/ check that link out and watch the video!

I have attached a photo that I took of Jeff McKee from the last time we rode together on rails.  I hope you like it!

Check me out on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/RobJacques

Take care everyone,


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