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How’s it going fellow wake and water enthusists? Nick V dropping in to drop a little knowledge on ya on my recent endeavors. I’ve been in Cali for quite sometime having a blast. The weather out here is great, after living in Florida for so long it feels like there’s zero humidity. I’ve been spending most of my time in Discovery Bay at Rodrigo’s house which is great for getting out and winching. The only down fall has been getting busted at the past couple spots and being told by the police, I would receive a substantial fine if I were to be caught winching in these waterways. There was an article in the paper about some kids winching flat water on their wakeboards, no rails…nothing. Well the same creek they were riding in happens to be a winch paradise made famous by justin Fisher, with concrete
features everywhere. Well the water district found out and now the cops are on it and can’t believe there’s more than one group of kids
Winching these spots. Fortunately California has plenty of concrete and has gems hidden all over the state. The other day I cruised out to the sale at Nor-Cal Mastercraft and saw many of the pros from Cali who didn’t go to the wake Mecca for wake games. The following day I was able to go ride behind the boat which is a rare occasion for me these days because I spend my time winching or hitting rails. This boating excursion was inspired by Aaron Aubrey coming in town for the event at Nor-Cal Master Craft and staying at Rods house. We went out with none other than the O.G. Josh Smith. It was rad to get out and ride on a nautique on the Delta with Josh. Josh is running his wake school out here and one of his students was on the boat. His student even was riding a response with Jewel
Bindings and no fins. Josh is spreading the word of Slingshot real hard out here. Next week, may 1&2 there is a Mastercraft demo at Orwoods out on the dirty D that I will be attending with Aaron Aubrey and slingshot guru Wade Wagley and then going to Spring Ride with these 2 wakers. Stay tuned for more of my adventures. Same bat time same bat channel.

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