wooo hooo

Hello. It’s been a while since I blogged it up, but thats because it’s been getting warmer which means more time on the water and less time kickin it online. I have been getting out and riding as much as possible spending a lot of time up at Gravity Research Compound up in Eastman, GA. We have some new ideas for rails and some changes being made up there so if you have never been or haven’t been recently you should consider going. I believe we are going down to the tampa cable park the end of this week  to hit some rails, which I am looking forward to. Those guys have a sick setup there as well and the fact that the cable goes clockwise is just sweet. I haven’t really been focused on contest much recently but I have been riding a bunch so I will probably be going to the first tour stop since I didn’t go to wake games. I know I will be competing in the Cape Fear Classic in Wilmington this year and maybe I can convince House to cruise up there too. It’s always fun hanging with Nick Joseph, Justin Sellers, and the whole Aussie Island Surf shop crew. Thats about the most of it. Nothing too crazy just riding a bunch and enjoying the warming weather.

Travis Propst

Gravity Research Compound
Gravity Research Compound



For info on Gravity email : gravityresearchcompound@gmail.com

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