Youri Zoon update from tarifa




Hey guys,


It,s just 2 weeks afther the first pkra of the year, what was my first PKRA of the year and afther a 1,5 year knee injury, so was quit nervous.

We drove down there with the camper , what was about 15 our drive so was not to bad because we can sleep as well.

The wind was strong and good for my 6RPm , so it was definitly my conditions, I had to to trials as well haha because last year i only did one competition.

Finaly after some long days and though heats i was up against Aaron , what was in the end a very close heat but Aaron took it,congrats dude.

Than in the doubels Kevin came up to me , for the 2nd place i had a realy good heat with some kiteloops and loads of powered passes.I won and was happy, So i was up agains Aaron again, but Aaron was on fire , so i was placed 2nd , wich i am verry happy with.

The next day the started of with the best trick after some heats i was in the final , where i landed in the last minute a clean mobe 7 witch enough to take the win.

For me was a perfect week wich some nice results, i got more stoked and at the moment i am in Tarifa to train more for the next Comp.

The conditions here are perfect and it,s nice and warm , will stay here till the 13th of may and after will do some fotoshoots.

Also Chek out

Ciao and take care,

Youri Zoon 


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