LEN10’s last few weeks…

Sorry for being out of touch for a while…
After one motnh Australia, three months South Africa and a couple weeks at home I finally feel full power again.
Ready to present new stuff, work out new ideas and just ride hard.

I had a good trip in Cape Town, my mates Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Cathern were there as well. We did some nice wakeboarding and had some film sessions with Ryan Gaw.
Photography was done by Craig Kolesky, this was the fourth winter(CT summer) we came out there. Craig always helps us getting the shots we need. ☺

I fucked up my ankle in South Africa, it was a pretty gnarly day, I mean a perfect day…
45 to 60knts blowing into Blouberg, a village 15min away from Cape Town.
Good waves rolling in of about 3mtr, I took out my seven meter Fuel and had it pretty well.
Big wipe-outs compared with some of the biggest Megaloops I had done.
I had mad fun until I came down from one landing and send my kite back to early, I fell down from like a meter or four and tried to take the landing.
Unfortunately the landing was too strong on some weird back chop/lip of a wave.
This made my knee and ankle bend too far, so I injured my ankle not too nice.
I couldn’t believe it happened, packed up my gear, walked back upwind, changed my clothes and just sat at home for a while.
Hurting, icing, hurting, icing….

I thought, whatever, it comes with the job. It was an amazing day anyways, so I was happy to at least have a bit of it.

Also my gear got stolen out of my car, everything gone…(ok don’t wanna talk about it)!! 😉

We were filming for Ontheloose.tv so this got a bit screwed up as well.
We had some fun stuff on tape already but not what I wanted, so that’s what I’ll be foucssing on the next couple weeks/months.
I want to update Ontheloose.tv with footage of my/our lifestyle and the action we create.
With the website I want to create a platform where people can go to check out what kiteboarding will add to their lives. It’s fun!

So I’m going on some photo/filmshoots and the Triple-S is getting closer as well, so keep on checking Ontheloose.tv for the latest episodes of my trips.

Peace out!!!
R. LEN10

Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter

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