Andy Yates – PKRA Leucate, France

Standing on the top of a cliff overlooking the competition site in Leucate
Standing on the top of a cliff overlooking the competition site in Leucate
France PKRA Singles and Doubles

The conditions for the singles were absolutely insane. I was on my 5 metre for the day and it was the coldest I’ve ever felt. I made if through the first round but got put out in the doubles by Sebastien Garat. I made the promise to myself that unless it was 40 knots, I’d go out on my 7 metre.

The next day, the doubles ran to completion. I was stoked that the wind had stayed the same and not got stronger. In my first heat of the doubles, I came up against a Dutch rider. I was so happy to be on a kite that I felt somewhat comfortable with. I had a good heat and was stoked to pass through. Next I came up against Victor from Poland. I spent a whole summer with him in Perth in 2007/2008 so I knew what kind of rider he was. I was nervous because if I passed this heat I would be 9th overall, which for me for this competition was a good result. I went about my normal heat and landed what I knew I could land in the conditions. I put together a pretty good heat and was so happy to find out that I had progressed through. I looked at the draw to see my name matched up with Kevin Langeree. He had the misfortune of missing his heat in the singles which was why I came up against him at this stage in the doubles. Nevertheless, I was just going to go about my normal heat. We started about the same and stayed close for a few minutes but then I crashed a few tricks and he gained the lead. I was happy with my heat considering I rolled my lines over themselves twice and had to pull my wave grenade haha. I didn’t progress through but I was stoked with my result of 9th overall. Aaron Hadlow went on to win the competition with Youri Zoon in 2nd and Kevin Langeree in 3rd. This is a good start for my year and I hope to keep bettering my results in each successive competition.

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