Summer here in OZ is over, but the memories will live on! From Feb 15th until 5 days ago we have had the best run of swell in the past 10 years. 1 cyclone sat directly off the Sunshine coast of QLD (Where I live) and produced world-class waves for 17 days straight, it is the longest swell I have ever experienced in my life, all the famous points (Noosa, Burleigh, Kirra, Snapper etc) were in there classic form and feeding us endless amounts of barrels.


When we have a cyclone sit off the coast like this one, we generally have a high-pressure system sitting below it giving us trade winds, so it gives us the perfect combination of wind and waves, so I was mixing my day up with surfing around the low tides and kiting the rest of the day, not much work was getting done, that’s for sure.


The last couple of months was the perfect timing for me to dial in and test my pro model boards for 2010, I got to ride them in just about every condition possible and I have to say they are feeling really good. It also gave me the opportunity to really confirm my crossover from the Rev’s to the new RPM’s was the right choice, it always takes some time changing from a really good kite to a new one and I have to say in the beginning I was a bit apprehensive as I had so much confidence in the Rev, but the RPM has excelled on all levels and I’m stoked on it!


Now that I have all my equipment dialled for this coming year, it’s time to pack up and head on the road for the winter chasing swells all over the world.

One thought on “BEN WILSON – THAT’S A WRAP! 30/4/09”

  1. Yeah Mate! looks like u have scored good down there! sick photos!
    Maui has been no wind, and some decents swells rolling in too.
    see ya around!

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