Slingshot Delta Demo RE_cap!

Just finished up a sweet demo at Sherman Island, Ca. Had the full quiver of RPM’s and Boards ready for demo and demo they did. Hardly got more then a couple session in my self but thats all good because the riders that had the chance to fly them were so stoked. Some were out for hour + rippin it up in the swell and flat water behind the Islands.

My crew in the Delta kicked ass with demo support! Thanks! Eric was throwing down harder then ever with RPM’s and the new Reflex 41/D3 boot combo. All wakestyle and all power!

Just off the press is my video re-capin the event so if you gotz a chance, check it out!


kiteloopstevenson klhpJust getting back together from an epic memorial day weekend here in the northwest!  Got tons of wind every day and most importantly some heat.   Hit spots everywhere from the gorge to the coast, probably got one of the biggest kiteloops of my life at Jones beach, and generally had an awesome time.   Having spent a lot of time in the waves this winter this was my first chance to really get a feel for freestyle on the new revs.  Stuck a few new kiteloop HP variations thanks to the steering adjustments so way stoked on that!  Andrew Stringer got some sick shots on Saturday check out his Flickr  Tons of awsome events ahead, The season is on!


2009 AWS Demo Days

The conditions were perfect…sunny, no wind and 80 deg… Perfect wakeboard weather!  Lots of people showed up to try out all kinds of new wakeboards at the Active Water Sports Demo Day.  My Slingshot rack of boards and boots were pretty much empty all day.  Lots of new people tried out Slingshot boards and came back stoked!  They could not believe how awesome they rode.  It was cool to get people put on some new different gear then what they were used to.  We defiantly have some more people stoked out on flex now!


Tampa cable trip!

I just finished an article on about a little venture to Tampa. I bumped into Robby Jacques while I was down there so that was rad. and I swear at least 90% of the kids were on Slingshot, stoked!

Anyways, check out the article, it should be the home page feature right now.

Thanks for the support and may summer tackle us all in good joy!

David Patterson