A WEEK WITH MR. AUBREY….x^2/a^2 – y^2/b^2 = 1

AH HUM!!!  Attention, class!

Wade Wagley….present!

Nick Valliere….present!

So, I’ve just returned from a 10 day venture to the Northern California Bay Area, where I met up with the one and only Aaron Aubrey, AKA Mr. Aubrey.  We began with a ride demo for Norcal MasterCraft at Orwood Marina, in Brentwood “The Delta”, CA.  My first, nearly rained out event, in CA.

Come Monday, however, it was back to school for Mr. Aubrey.  For those of you who aren’t aware, he’s currently a math teacher at Casa Grande High School, in Petaluma, CA.  FYI – That’s “Large House High School”, for those of you who don’t speak Spanish.  Anyway, how rad would it be to have a famous wakeboarder for a math teacher?  Almost makes me want to go back to school!  Well, not really, but still…  That’s cool!

Then, we headed to Discovery Bay to pick up our buddy Nick Valliere.  From there we headed down to the CIE Spring Ride double up contest at the beautiful Pines Resort on Bass Lake.  Unfortunately, I forgot my black socks, and have no tattoos, so don’t think I fit in that well, but we made it work!  From Mr. Aubrey blasting off the double ups on his Recoil, to riding tricycles down stairs, it was definitely a fun packed weekend for sure!

Thanks for the good times guys!  Til next time…

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