by: Jeff McKee

Last night my roommate / professional photographer / Editor at large of Alliance Wakeboard magazine Garrett Cortese and I did a live webcast for…It was RAD. Haha! If you don’t know about stokemeter it is basically a website that features live webcast interviews with industry leaders, riders, or any one else worthy of asking a question. All you have to do is log on during one of their live sessions and you can speak to the featured athlete through your keyboard asking them all sorts of questions until they’re pit are soaked with sweat and their vocal chords are wearing thin. I think it was mostly our friends / dad’s / and neighbors logged on and talking trash to us but it was well worth it…Check out the links below for a recording of our session as well as to check out the site!

Party on G
Party on G


Hey everyone, Rob Jacques here! I recently sprained my ankle which postponed my riding a little bit, but now I am officially back in action! I rode yesterday and the ankle was feeling really good! On another note, I am leaving in two weeks to tour the country a bit for a month, Its going to be really cool. I start out in Dallas then make my way to Oklahoma to hit up the cable park there, from there I head to Portland to hang with Sling and finalize my new board then after that we are doing the Slingshot catalog shoot. I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for reading, and check out my twitter at

See ya!
Rob Jacques

Red Bull “Wake End”


DALTON GA – A couple weekends ago in Dalton Georgia, Redbull put a bunch of rails in a small farm pond and decided to have a collegiate event. It was really in the middle of nowhere but a bunch of people showed up including Parks Bonifay, Adam Errington, and Dallas Friday.

I was excited to see so many people riding slingshots on the rails, Corey Bradley even stole my Reflex and took it for a spin. Myself and Corey Dyer were there to representing slingshot to the fullest. When it came down to it, it was a great even, party, and overall weekend for everyone. Heres a shot of the wallride.

Wallride at the end of the Lake

Cape Fear Classic

Hello. A couple of weeks ago I was in Wilmington, NC for the Cape Fear Classic on the Cape Fear River. It was the first stop of the Atlas Wake Series that goes all through the Carolinas. I ended up getting second behind Corey Bradley and Adam Fields came in third. It was a rad event and thanks to everyone in Wilmington for hooking it up.
Here’s a link to some shots from the event.

Pro Tour Stop #1

Just got home from the first stop of the pro tour this past weekend in Ft. worth, Texas. Man did we have a blast. Dan-O the Manno, Josh Palma and I were like a traveling promo team for the Orlando magic who are officially in the NBA Finals! Not only did we beat the cavaliers, we also beat the refs, Nike, and the entire NBA. Check out this pic of my Lady and I at game 4 of the series!

Back to the tournament, I qualified for the tour coming in 21st place. haha. Awesome right? it’s all good, I had a blast riding and made sure to throw some steez into my run so at least I stood out from the crowd. Announcer Nick Weinacker told me I was his favorite wakeboarder to watch so that was good enough for me…We also got the chance to catch up with The guys from TSR, OKC, and a new Dallas cable park set to open their doors in august! can’t wait to check that out! Gotta go, time to interview Shane for an alliance article. Peace!

Jeff McKee

Let's go Magic! Clap-Clap-Clapclapclap!
Let's go Magic! Clap-Clap-Clapclapclap!