Chillin & Ridin hard in da HOOD! Hood River Or that is…

What it is, Eric Rienstra checkin’ in from Hood River, Oregon kickin’ it with the Cali crew. Just missed the Slider Jam but hit some good sessions at Slingstock in Stevenson, Washington. Checked out Rufus one day and it was gusting to 60. After thrashing myself for a couple loops, I pulled up a bean bag and kicked it as Billy Parker stepped on the stage with some of the biggest loops I’ve ever seen in person. Besides that I’ve mostly just been chillin’ at the Spit hitting the kicker and jumping off shit and longboarding when there is no wind. After two weeks the box has finally come back from Stevenson so I can’t wait to hit that thing, but it is nuking today so I’ll probably just go throw some Lenten Style. Video coming soon. Peace, Eric

Hood Slider Jam 2009- Matias Ricci

yo! Matias Ricci here.

Had the chance of going to Hood River, Oregon; for the Hood Slider Jam 2009, a couple of weeks ago. Worked hard with the local crew to finish building a Big Fun box for the event. Tonz of people showed up and the conditions were on!
We setup a kite park at the sandbar, with the new feature, 3 more sliders and a kicker. Great vibes on this noncompetitive event, everybody was shredding together. There was a really good flow on the water, even better than a cable park. Got to rock the new SS Darkside board, sick board! feels great as the new RPM kite, perfect quiver for a crossover between wakeboarding and kiting. It’s gonna be ”the 2010 wakestyle board” for sure!
Now back in Maui, for the rest of the summer. Next stop Indonesia in September.

I’ll catch up with you guys then…

What’s up internet users?

Nick V saying hey from the sweltering heat of Cali. I got back from a week of shredding with the Jeff’s (Mckee and House) as well as Rob, down in Dallas Texas area with the Shredtown crew. These dudes are going off, it was sick to see. We rode behind the boat at their lake house and winched our faces off it was a rad trip. Check out the vids they’re putting up at SHREDTOWN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Now that I’m back in Cali, I’m scoping a few new spots and plotting to go re-shoot some old ones while drinking my Hyphy juice.