Your Zoon back in the EU!

Hey guys whats up, it has been already a couple of days of my last update from Feurte where i ended up 3th.

We arrived the day of the registration in St Peter Ording after a straight flight from Fuerte and we didnt have to pay nothing for the boardbags so thats was alright.

We where quit tired after de travel , so we wanted to eat and sleep and be ready for the next day, after the Skipersmeeting from Olaf van Tol, we knew we had lots of time left because there where around 3 hours of trials.

When the Trials where done, the water was just coming al the way up and the whole beach was floaded with water so al people where running to get there cars and other stuff.

The kiters had some really nice fun was a big playground of flat water. I didn,t ride because I was saving my energy for the next days.

The next day the wind was light but juts enough for a start of the main event, I was already up in the second heat, rigged my 14m RPM and barely made it to the outside bouy , the wind was straight onshore and i was just pumping to get some hight in my trick,s in the end i won over Thomas Paris, with some switch tricks and a backmobe to wrapped.

The last 2 days there was no wind only just enough for racing, so we have been chilling on the beach.
Got some pics as well,



Kites all set up.
Kites all set up.
the end
the end

Youri Zoon in Japan!

Japanese templeView from hotel
Japanese temple
Sushi mmmm
Sushi mmmm
Old Japanese Woman Drying SeaweedSushi RestaurantAll we ate:)
After being 2 days in Seigo,s howse were hitting the road again.

Wednesday we arrived here and i cheked out the place a bit , just near the howse is a nice tempel, i will try to get some
good shots of it on monday.Yesterday we expected wind , also the local TV station come over to film
shomething of my stay in Japan unfortunatly the wind didnt kicked in. So we had to give some of or own video

This morning we leave around 9 o clock and going for a 4 our drive to an other competiton, mayby i will compete in this one as well. Will what the wind is gona do.

Yesterday we had a nice Sushi dinner , this Area is pretty famous for it,s fres fish and Shushi. I love shushi hehehe.

This weekend i will have internet in my hotel so i will try to do some update,s of what im doing.


Youri Zoon blog France…

Youri Zoon

Slingshot party 3th edition.

This year again we had the Slingshot party organized by the Frenchies in Le touqet plage.

We left on Friday morning and we drove up to Le touqet, it,s about 4 ours, when we arrived we saw the Frenchie,s started already with drinking.

So it looked good already hahah, the change on wind was unfortunately not to big,so during the days we chilled had fun,with some snake board , football and just hanging around.

During the night SS had some nice bars in plan,and in the late ours the SS crew got pretty crazy hahah.

The next day the wind again didn’t kick in and at 4o clock we stopped everything and we did the price award ceremony. There where some nice price,s Ss board, lots of goodie’s

I hope there is going to be a 4th edition as well , nut i think this well be alright!

The organization did a great job, cheers guys.

Youri Zoon

Lyman’s and Tampa!

Hello everyone! Rob Jacques checking in! The past few days have been super fun! Yesterday I met Jeff Mckee and Keith Lyman over at lake whipporwill (sp) and we rode some wake. It was really sick out there, butter conditions, huge wake, friends and a dog. We were interrupted by an early afternoon Florida shower but we were back out shredding the water again shortly after. Everyone rode really well and after a few high fives and shakas we dispersed to do other duties around the greater Orlando area.

Now today another adventure was at hand, Jeff Mckee, Nate Perry, my new friend Kip and myself traveled out west to Beautiful, sunny Tampa Florida for the slingshot demo we we’re holding out there. When we first showed up we were pumped to see TONS of people there to participate and ride our boards. We all decided to strap our shred sticks on and share our stoke with everyone else, we all rode for hours before some fatigue set in as well as a menacing thunderous storm. Overall everyone was REALLY stoked on all of our product and it was cool for us to get into the mix and socialize with everyone out there in the Tampa wake scene. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks for reading! Follow me on twitter at and friend me on facebook at

Rob Jacques