Lyman’s and Tampa!

Hello everyone! Rob Jacques checking in! The past few days have been super fun! Yesterday I met Jeff Mckee and Keith Lyman over at lake whipporwill (sp) and we rode some wake. It was really sick out there, butter conditions, huge wake, friends and a dog. We were interrupted by an early afternoon Florida shower but we were back out shredding the water again shortly after. Everyone rode really well and after a few high fives and shakas we dispersed to do other duties around the greater Orlando area.

Now today another adventure was at hand, Jeff Mckee, Nate Perry, my new friend Kip and myself traveled out west to Beautiful, sunny Tampa Florida for the slingshot demo we we’re holding out there. When we first showed up we were pumped to see TONS of people there to participate and ride our boards. We all decided to strap our shred sticks on and share our stoke with everyone else, we all rode for hours before some fatigue set in as well as a menacing thunderous storm. Overall everyone was REALLY stoked on all of our product and it was cool for us to get into the mix and socialize with everyone out there in the Tampa wake scene. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks for reading! Follow me on twitter at and friend me on facebook at

Rob Jacques

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