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Slingshot party 3th edition.

This year again we had the Slingshot party organized by the Frenchies in Le touqet plage.

We left on Friday morning and we drove up to Le touqet, it,s about 4 ours, when we arrived we saw the Frenchie,s started already with drinking.

So it looked good already hahah, the change on wind was unfortunately not to big,so during the days we chilled had fun,with some snake board , football and just hanging around.

During the night SS had some nice bars in plan,and in the late ours the SS crew got pretty crazy hahah.

The next day the wind again didn’t kick in and at 4o clock we stopped everything and we did the price award ceremony. There where some nice price,s Ss board, lots of goodie’s

I hope there is going to be a 4th edition as well , nut i think this well be alright!

The organization did a great job, cheers guys.

Youri Zoon

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