Youri Zoon in Japan!

Japanese templeView from hotel
Japanese temple
Sushi mmmm
Sushi mmmm
Old Japanese Woman Drying SeaweedSushi RestaurantAll we ate:)
After being 2 days in Seigo,s howse were hitting the road again.

Wednesday we arrived here and i cheked out the place a bit , just near the howse is a nice tempel, i will try to get some
good shots of it on monday.Yesterday we expected wind , also the local TV station come over to film
shomething of my stay in Japan unfortunatly the wind didnt kicked in. So we had to give some of or own video

This morning we leave around 9 o clock and going for a 4 our drive to an other competiton, mayby i will compete in this one as well. Will what the wind is gona do.

Yesterday we had a nice Sushi dinner , this Area is pretty famous for it,s fres fish and Shushi. I love shushi hehehe.

This weekend i will have internet in my hotel so i will try to do some update,s of what im doing.


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