Slingy Cable Demo Daze

What up everybody Matt Sexton here. Been doin a lot of work recently with slingy wake hosting demo’s and riders parties and felt the need to drop a line and spread the stoke. Thus far we’ve only hit up McCormicks, Revolution, Ski Rixen and some winch parks but the feedback from everyone already has been ridiculously positive. Were just getting started too! I’m headed to Texas next weekend with Wade and Neil and plan on doing a nonstop demo tour for 5 days, I’ve also got my weekend for the next two months completely booked doin everything from demo’s, freeride days, partys, and team / regional rider photo/vid shoots. Were pulling out all the stops so stay tuned for some sick footy of all the slingy wake team and follow me on twitter @MatthewSexton to see where we’ll be next and come flex with us, you’ll be hooked!
PEACE gangstaz!
Check out the vids of the hommies at McCormick’s, this place kicks ass!

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