A scoop of what I’ve been up to…

Howdy peepz,

Hope everyone’s rocking it nicely these days?!
As for me, I’ve had a blast spending the summer at home with all of my mates around.
We had some epic days pas by our Dutch beaches, so I’ve had a few nice sessions.
A little while ago I made a movie with my buddy Dave from Kitecinema.com, it was a strong storm that passed by.
Up to 55kts I was handling out there and it was a quite gusty one, but I made the most of it and looped my 5mtr Fuel dizzy.
Dave captured it all and created Stormsjees 3. Search youtube/Mysticboarding.com/Vimeo.

I also got invited to an extreme sports and music festival in Brighton, the White Air Festival.
Kiteworld was hosting the kiteboarding bit of the event.
Unfortunately we didn’t get any wind but I enjoyed my time there for sure.
English pints is where it was at. 😉

This last weekend they had the Dutch Championships going on in Scheveningen.
A lot of people asked me if I would be competing as the wind was blowing amazingly strong on Saturday.
Quite a few spectators came out to watch the happening.
I just went out for 30min on my 7meter an had an absolute blast.
The waves where nice too, up to 3,5mtr high and nice ramps to take off of.
If i would’ve been competing I probably would’ve only managed 4jumps inside the competition box.
The loops where gnarly and the young kids on the beach where psyching on it.
Comps are not my thing but having fun is something I love…It never goes high enough.
Sorry for the bad quality pic, but it’s all the prove I’ve got for now 🙂

My plans for the coming months are filming nice things for Ontheloose.tv and hit spots such as Brazil/New Caledonia/Cape Town and Australia.

Keep ya in the loop.

Alright stay well and ride hard.
Peace out!

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