You want this…

Is lack of wind or time to ride harshing your mellow?? Well prepare for your stoke to be reborn, check this , its wassup!

If you havn’t heard about ’em yet, then you gotta work on your game, cause its weak. I just got back from a week long wake trip in Texas and everywhere we went to showcase Slingy the name shredtown was dropped continuously. These kids live up to there name and shred with the best of ’em, if not better. I’ve been pretty much just riding cable recently as winds been dead and McCormick’s is the bomb, but i think i’m gonna have to dust of the winch and get a little more creative with it all. Its completely opened my mind with what this kite season will be like for us in FLA and how dead conventional riding really is. The next couple weeks are jam packed with cable events and the startup of the CKA, but once we get back to riding stay tuned cause the FLA slingy crew is gonna be droppin some heady things. Word up, mas luv and ride hard.
-Matt Sexton

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