E-vento Sardinia

We just back from the biggest show I ever saw.
67 tents in “la cinta” beach San Teodoro Sardinia, every brand involved in the kite industry was present, all introducing the new 2010 line… and we had a great success!!!
Many people was stocked about the performance of our products, very easy,
anyone could come in and ask for a free test of any kite and boards.
Much work for the Italian distributor and his staff
Me too, I had the chance to fly the 2010 fuel, It’ s a superb C-kite anyway I still love the smoothness of my RPM – 🙂
I was there with all my team mates also to compete in the Italian championship
I finished second…uhm, which it’s ok ..Alberto is a very strong rider… don’t worry I’ll do better next time.. Now it’s school time..but I live in Puglia so I can go in the water to attempt new tricks quite everyday – 😉 ciao from Italy
Erik Volpe

me having a taste a the new fuel

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