Hi Guys,
Mark Doyle here. I just arrived in Fortaleza, Brazil yesterday October 7th. This is my sixth trip down because my beautiful wife Mara was born and raised right here in Fortaleza. I meet Mara in 2003 when I first came down for the PKRA Event. There was a huge party at the Orbita, a night club in Fortaleza, where I meet Mara in the middle of the night. She did not speak English nor did I speak Portuguese. Her friends and mine would help us translate and over a few years she picked up English. Now she speaks perfectly and we are living in South Padre Island, Texas.

Northern Brazil is a great place for Kiteboarding. There are so many flat water lagoons that make for perfect free style Kiting and many miles of sand bar breaks that you can enjoy ripping waves up. I should also mention they have great wind for 9 months out of the year and in their peak season it blows everyday.

My first destination to kite was Cumbuco which is the most famous lagoon and starting to get over crowded. On our way their I saw another smaller lagoon which I have seen in years past, but never kited. There where a few kiters already up and riding so I thought, why drive any further. With good wind and water its time to kite. I put up my 8 RPM and new 2010 Misfit board which I love the bolt on pads and straps system.

After 2 surgeries on my knee, 2 surgeries on my are, and 2 years of rehab later I felt pretty good just to be landing my standard handle passes. I have learned a lot physically and mentally over the last few years. I cut 8 tendons in my arm and the Doctor originally thought I would not be able to hold my own body weight with my arm. Those kind of thoughts can bring you down to a very low point in life and you really have to grow and big strong in order to over come challenges like that. Here are a few pics of the day to check out. In the next two weeks I will have more stories, pics, and videos coming your way.

Live life to the fullest and never give up!
Mark Doyle

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