Shred it all!

Hey everyone, Rob Jacques here. I have been thinking recently about riding in every aspect, particular I have been thinking about riding on a small wake and why people complain about it. I understand why you would be like ahh man it sucks when the wake is small like this, I can do my bangers, but in reality isn’t it just as much fun? If your on an un-weighted prostar 205 you should still go out with a positive outlook and make the best out of it, who cares if you cant stop your 7’s on it, you can still do some nice soul carving and some little re-entries, grabs and pokes. After all, wakeboarding is all about fun and as long as you are on your board you should be having a good time. So get out there and demo a Reflex and enjoy a new outlook on fun and riding! Thanks for reading people! follow me on and feel free to add me on facebook at

Robby J

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