INDO trip wrapped up!

”YO! Matias ”Dibu” Ricci here!

Bringing you some fresh news from my latest trip around Indonesia. Got the full month of September traveling around the islands, scoring great Kiting, surfing and parting conditions. Spent two weeks in THE spot for Kiting, got some solid swells and even a massive 4.5mt one. Toby Bromwich, for Core magazine, was there covering all the action that was going on. So make sure you check issue #9 for the prime cuts. The Slingshot Ozzy crew was standing strong this year with all their weapons, Ben Wilson, Ryland Blakeney, Jake Gordon and Troy Gibson where scoring some sick barrels and destroying the lip. Also some well recognize lens masters where around as well doing their thing, Shannon Stent filming and shooting for his upcoming new project; and from the surfing world, photographer Jason Walcott was recognizing the potential in kiting’s latest evolution.
After beeing kited out, we moved back to Bali, for the party scene. Some great times in Indo, good vibes, sick conditions, lots of friends, a place i would always like to go again.
Back in Maui now, swells are starting to pump, so expect some action coming up soon.
Enjoy the captions!
i’m ouuuut!

Matias ”Dibu” Ricci
check some more action at

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