Slingshot Snowkite, Its Alive!…

Well this is the beginning of the Slingshot Snowkite blog section…

Can’t wait to fill this to the brim with all sorts of product info, video links, photos, and stoked from all around the world…

This section is here to pass on news/info/photos/links of anything SSSK and if you gotz’ the goods’ contact me at and I will post it. Any submission that are blog worthy could possible get hookD up with some sweeet promo…! or a least a sick 10″ spicky ball sticker in green, purple, yellow, black, or white….

I am very passionate about the outdoors and I’m truly stoked on both snowboarding, mountains and clean air… The ability to snowkite has brought all of these together like some freaky crazy dream so to be able to be apart of the growth of the sport is something I’m really pumped on. Between the park, rails, gliding, or freestyle/freeriding; Snowkiting has something for all to enjoy…

I would like to thank “Stringer” for all the killer shots he was able to take while out on tour in Idaho. More of his killer shotz can be found on .

Can’t wait for 2009/2010 season to start!

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