magic Maui kickers/ghetto slider; Its all good!!!

”Yo! Matias ”Dibu” Ricci,

Trying to keep the blog warmer, with some fresh news straight from Maui, Hawaii. It has been pretty sick since i got back from Indo, waves have been rolling and the wind has been on. It’s happening! This is the Maui i came here for. Had some sick sessions riding with some of the boyz, hiting those magic Maui kickers; but when it when flat, me and my brother Juan set up a to shred while everybody was chilling around. Super ghetto kine; some old doors from a remodeling, plus some saw horses and a couple of screws made the trick. Kinda tricky to shred it, had to come up wind, ride the sand, and then up the slider kinda in a transition back to the water. Some cool hits, fun for when there’s not much else going on. The slider didn’t lasted the hole session, it’s started falling apart pretty fast; but there some cool shoots.

Stay tune for more, Maui is Happening and there will be more to come.

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