Things are looking good.

Hello everyone,  It’s Robby Jacques.

Recently I have taken a lot of my focus off of certain “tricks” and what-not and thinking about things more as a whole.  I have great friends within the industry, some of which will be great friends long after I am done wakeboarding.  I know a lot of you reading  have a similar situation to this, and it is these good friends that truly amplify the fun and love that we have when riding.  I have been riding with numerous friends recently and I took a step back and realized that we are so lucky to participate in a sport that is so profoundly group oriented.  Fun and expressing yourself is what it is all about when it comes to riding, and sharing it makes it that much more special.  To everyone that has come and introduced themself to me at a boat show, contest, demo or whatever event it might have been, I thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with me and I consider you all friends.  Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog here, I really appreciate the love and support.  Feel free to follow me on, It will give you an insight of what my day to day life is like and you can also add me as a friend on  I am always willing to talk, so if you have anything to say or have any questions please send them my way.

Your friend,
Robby Jacques

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