On a big trip!

Here’s a little update from my end, it’s been a while. Have stayed at home for a while waiting for some good storms to pass by and do a Red Bull event. Unfortunately the storm never came blasting through, so I decided to move on and go on a big trip with Aaron Hadlow.

I was chatting to him and he had been staying in Brazil for the past two months at two of our Italian friends new kitecenter. Riki and Gigi started up ProKiteBrasil where they have a nice lagoon out front and a nice set-up in general.

Aaron and I put together a nice schedule for the coming months, which looks ridiculously sweet. Brazil, New Caledonia, Cape Town, Australia, Cape Town.

So I packed my bags which ended up being pretty heavy as I need everything for all the different locations.

Jumped on a flight to Fortaleza where Aaron and Gigi came to pick me up. It was good to see the guys again.

I only had two sessions with pretty light wind, and on one of the moves I did I had a weird landing and hurt my ankle. I thought it wasn’t too bad, but the next day it got worse…I tried riding and that was just really painful. I didn’t want to believe I re-injured my ankle, but I did. Such a bummer this is, to happen at the beginning of the big trip where we were going to shoot a lot and have a great time.

My mind was off for a few days, but I know I have to stay positive and get on top of this shit again. That’s what comes with the job, you ride hard, you pay the price.

So now we’re in New Zealand on our lay-over flight to New Caledonia. Pfff this is a long trip, but all went pretty smooth tho. I had a camera crew arranged for New Cal, but that’s obviously not going to work out. I hope I can get an MRI-scan there and see what’s up for real.

Till then I’ll just film the fun stuff that happens on the trip and keep you posted with some pics of the places.

They’ve got the last stop of the PKRA going on in New Cal, so I’ll just film Aaron rocking his moves in and out the comp.

Peace out, take care and whoever can ride, pull some moves for me!


Ruben LEN10

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