Whats Good everyone,

Alex Fox here. Over the past few months I have been almost everywhere in the beautiful state of Florida. Two months ago I made a little road trip up to the states capital, Tallahassee, with the whole Abington crew to hang with some friends and winch. We hooked up with the FSU wake club and hit their private little winch park, which is sick to say the least. Three winches and 4 rails. We had all the 2010 decks out there and they were never off the water, people were in love.  We have been doing lots of filming around florida to find wind and also hit up the cable whenever we can. I threw some pics up from our latest cable sets and our latest demo tour. Fellow Slingshot and Abington rider, Matty Sexton, and I took all the new 2010 kites and boards on an eastcoast demo bonanza. We stopped in cocoa beach this past friday and scored perfect wind and swell which is kind of a rare occasion in Fla. After that we rolled down to Jupiter and hooked up with Jeremy Green. Jeremy Green owns Jupiter Kiteboarding and he is a good friend of ours,  so we went down there and conducted a demo at the local kite beach. 25 knots of wind and overhead shorebreak typically leads to disaster and the days ended with a few ripped kites and tangled lines…but that’s just a normal day in jupiter. After Jupiter we headed back north and put on a demo day in Cocoa again for our bro Billy Bosch, we had a great turnout and lots of wind, 25-30 and we easily demo’d 30 kites. Matt and I are going to be doing this very frequently, so if you live in the SE USA and want to hook up with us, follow us on twitter to find out where we’ll be next (@fox727).

enjoy the pics



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