“The Arcane” by Slingshot

Post by Jeff McKee

Just finished a week of straight boat surfing on Slingshot’s latest creation, “The Arcane” surf board. I’m usually not one for boat surfing, but the Arcane has changed that. It’s not a boat-surf board, it’s a surf board for the boat. THe thing rips. Tony Logosz, our chief product designer at Slingshot even made the trek down to surf it with us as we shot photo’s / video with my two favorite media masters Bryan Soderlind and Josh McWilliams. We also had the chance to take it to Cocoa beach for some real surf and watched Mark Pachiatti get barreled on the 5’0″ fish shape. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s the only surf board for the boat that’s ever been fully barreled. Here’s a sneak peak of the images shot by “Bear”. Look out for the Arcane in the next issue’s of alliance and wakeboard mag as well as a SICK video on alliancewake.com in the upcoming weeks. I’m off to “get shacked” on the Arcane…wish me luck!

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