Frozen tundra to SPI

It was November 21st and we were done with the cold weather so we packed the car with 4 people, gear, Fred water and a dog. The trip takes us from the frozen tundra to the warm gulf coast of South Padre Island to join Laura Maher and about 20 other Minnesotans.

You Betcha!

On the second day, a front hits and we score some epic riding on the South Flats. Next day starts with a 10 mile downwinder from the end of the road to the jetties. A little mishap along the way and Denis ends up with two 6m kites after starting with a 12m RPM. Good thing that Laura was there to bail him out and let him use her gear. Enough with kite ripping waves, next session is on the North flats. Next day serves up great conditions again. This time, we do a downwinder from the North flats to the South flats, checking out the butter in the channels along the way. That night, during the bonfire, the wind kicked up. Bryce and Denis gear up and the cars turn around to light up the waves and we have an awesome night session. And just like that, it’s time to head up to the cold to start the snowkiting season.

Ride Harder $ smarter’


Photo Credits- Jenn Barnett

For the link on Jenn’s blog and other amazing photos you can use the facebook link above that shows just kiteboarding or go straight to main page:

Update from Erik AKA the Fox Volpe

Hi All

I studied really hard during last two months but finally it’s X-mas holiday!
Now I am in Brazil (paracuru).
Just leaved two days ago and I will stay here one whole month to train on new moves.
I hope to come back home with new tricks and some good footage.
Looking at the weather report, I should use my 10 RPM on 20 mt lines which is my favorite combo to sort out nice new moves.
In november we had strong wind very often. Some friend of mine, coming from the north of the country, visited me and we had a chance to throw good loops.
Very soon I will be able to post nice sequences of what I am training on in the warm Brazil.
In the mean while, here’s a nice loop shooted with a phone camera during a november north wind day.

Happy new Year to all of you


Ello all, Robby Jacques checking in. I have been doing a bunch of riding down in South Florida with my family recently and I was thinking about how AWESOME starting out a set with 5-10 minutes of just slashing the wake is! Do me a favor out there people, next time you go ride, step it back a little bit to when you were first learning to carve. It will reignite a little fire inside of you and bring back all the memories and excitement of your first season riding.. It is glorious! Keep shredding and we’ll communicate again soon brothers and sisters!

Robby Jacques

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Cape Town it is!

This is Ruben Lenten checking in and giving you some a of what’s been happening. I’ve been in Cape Town, South Africa for like twelve days now. This is the fourth year in a row that I’m spending a few months here. This place is epic!
In the first few days I just wanted to get settled in, have the house all comfortable and do some groceries. Get a car sorted and all that kind of stuff. A buddy of mine from Holland came to visit me for ten days. So for me it was pretty chilled to not have to travel somewhere. It feels like home here…haha…the weather is good, the conditions get sick and the lifestyle here is pretty dammn good!!
Hooking ourselves up with some good braais(bbq’s). The food here is incredible, they have got some of the best meat, veggies and fruits…Love it!!
Aaron surprised me by telling me that he wanted to join me at the gym. I couldn’t believe it, but we’ve been on it lately and hit the gym like 4 times in the week.
A good start to the day and for me really nice as I can’t kite yet. I went to the doctor here to have my ankle checked out that I hurt in Brazil again.
From the MRI-scan the doctor could tell it would be best to fix it with a surgery. So on the 29th of this month I’ll have my ankle fixed up and then recover for six weeks.
Can’t wait to be back on the water without something holding me back. In the meantime I’ll remain healthy and enjoy what I can enjoy.

I wish everyone all the best, and a warm x-mass and new years.
Smash it!! Let’s rock in 2010…


Knoxville Riders Voice Awards

Every year the local scene in Knoxville, TN does an awards show for the locals and to have one last get together to round out the year. This year I think that there were over 15 Categories from the Best Crasher to the Lifestyle Award. I was lucky enough to take home “Female Rider of the Year”. My trophy was even a Slingshot board that I had everyone sign. House took two awards himself even though he couldn’t make it in person, those being the Style Award and the Rail Rider Award. It was an awesome night, Parks even showed up as the big suprise of the night. The scene in Knoxville is so sick, and I love being a part of it. Thanks Knoxwake!

Skyline UT… early season stoke!

James Ropner, local ripper sent some photo’s to stoke me out on and I thought they needed to be shared.  Looks like Skyline is building its base fairly well and should be race ready with this next big storm that hit over the weekend…  Wish I was there right now because I have a feeling this could be the week for epic pow turns and sick terrain to jib, jump, and glide off!