Fall Hatteras trip “update”

“Hey all, Ollie G here…!

After the winding down and demise of the steady, good winds at all our local spots here in the San Francisco Bay Area, some friends and myself decided to do a Fall Hatteras trip. We booked it for a week and rented out one of the big houses you see everywhere down there, flew in, got a couple vans and set out to hit it every day we could.

We kited every day, some very good, some a little light, and hit all the spots from Oregon Inlet to Salvo Day Use, Kite Point, various Ramps on the surf side and probably the most epic session of the trip would have to have been at The Cove down at the lighthouse. A couple of use were hitting the surf on directionals, but I was twintipping it and jumped up on the beach and ran over the hit the pond, and ever-changing pond/lake just 50 feet from the surf, and spent about half an hour sending it and kitelooping over the islands landing into foot-deep water. Gotta stick those landings! It was out first time rocking the new Octanes and we were stoked, just super nice smooth kites.

A little more power in the loops than the Revs, but it’s all good… 😉

Overall, it was good times on my second trip to Hatteras. Visited the crew at Real a bunch of times, Matt hooked us up with some apparel and gear. It was the first time I had seen the new shop, it is sick! Those guys have it dialed in for sure. Not too much kiting here in the SF Bay Area since returning, but there is some wind here and there on the coast. Our next trip looks like Japan again in late January or early February and we’ll hit one of the islands south of mainland Japan again.

Check out http://www.realkiteboarding.com for more Hatteras info and for San Francisco Bay Area info hit us up at http://www.bayareakiteboarding.com.

Ollie G.
Bay Area Kiteboarding.com”

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