Cape Town it is!

This is Ruben Lenten checking in and giving you some a of what’s been happening. I’ve been in Cape Town, South Africa for like twelve days now. This is the fourth year in a row that I’m spending a few months here. This place is epic!
In the first few days I just wanted to get settled in, have the house all comfortable and do some groceries. Get a car sorted and all that kind of stuff. A buddy of mine from Holland came to visit me for ten days. So for me it was pretty chilled to not have to travel somewhere. It feels like home here…haha…the weather is good, the conditions get sick and the lifestyle here is pretty dammn good!!
Hooking ourselves up with some good braais(bbq’s). The food here is incredible, they have got some of the best meat, veggies and fruits…Love it!!
Aaron surprised me by telling me that he wanted to join me at the gym. I couldn’t believe it, but we’ve been on it lately and hit the gym like 4 times in the week.
A good start to the day and for me really nice as I can’t kite yet. I went to the doctor here to have my ankle checked out that I hurt in Brazil again.
From the MRI-scan the doctor could tell it would be best to fix it with a surgery. So on the 29th of this month I’ll have my ankle fixed up and then recover for six weeks.
Can’t wait to be back on the water without something holding me back. In the meantime I’ll remain healthy and enjoy what I can enjoy.

I wish everyone all the best, and a warm x-mass and new years.
Smash it!! Let’s rock in 2010…


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