Frozen tundra to SPI

It was November 21st and we were done with the cold weather so we packed the car with 4 people, gear, Fred water and a dog. The trip takes us from the frozen tundra to the warm gulf coast of South Padre Island to join Laura Maher and about 20 other Minnesotans.

You Betcha!

On the second day, a front hits and we score some epic riding on the South Flats. Next day starts with a 10 mile downwinder from the end of the road to the jetties. A little mishap along the way and Denis ends up with two 6m kites after starting with a 12m RPM. Good thing that Laura was there to bail him out and let him use her gear. Enough with kite ripping waves, next session is on the North flats. Next day serves up great conditions again. This time, we do a downwinder from the North flats to the South flats, checking out the butter in the channels along the way. That night, during the bonfire, the wind kicked up. Bryce and Denis gear up and the cars turn around to light up the waves and we have an awesome night session. And just like that, it’s time to head up to the cold to start the snowkiting season.

Ride Harder $ smarter’


Photo Credits- Jenn Barnett

For the link on Jenn’s blog and other amazing photos you can use the facebook link above that shows just kiteboarding or go straight to main page:

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