2010 RPM “Technology review” HD video

The 2010 Slingshot RPM is the one kite that allows for top performance while executing un-hooked freestyle, wakestyle and surf style. The RPM is changing kiteboarding with its innovative 3 strut “Open C” Canopy design. Delivering limitless high end performance options for all conditions.
Kite Sizes: 4.5m,6m,8m,10m,12m,14m

For further questions please contact riderhotline@slingshotsports.com

South Africa 2010 – The first 3 weeks

Ok, so its been a long time since my first and only post on this thing, but contrary to popular opinion, I do actually work and don’t have time for this kind of kak. So in summary, weather is nice, work is going, wind is blowing, drinks are flowing, laptop jacked, got emergency repacement, knee is busted, healing fast, bionic knee here soon, good monkeys, good times, good people…I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

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Key Kiting

Green Market Square

Gavin @ Big Bay



Century City

Big Bay

Beef Soup Beach

80's Surf Party


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Creativity is key…

Hello everybody, Rob Jacques here to check in once again. I have been thinking a lot about creativity while riding lately and it has been very refreshing. The past few times I have gone out riding, I thought every time I was going to edge in and do a trick, that I would do it slightly different. It could be something as simple as grabbing melon instead of mute to adding a neat little shifty in there somewhere. Overall it has been REALLY fun and exciting and I urge all of you reading this to start trying it, regardless of skill level. I don’t care if you are just tweaking a stalefish a different way or learning to front hand grab a tantrum to blind, it is the same amount of fun either way. If you have anything that you have learned lately like this that stokes you out, feel free to send me a message on facebook to share it with me. I love to hear from all of the riders out there who are just pumped to ride, learn and share it with friends, so add me on facebook.com/notrobjacques and let me know how you feel! You can also follow me on twitter.com/robjacques to see what the heck I am up to on a daily basis. Keep shredding, keep pushing it and keep the stoke alive!

Your friend,
Rob Jacques

LEN10 recovering in Cape Town

Spending time in South Africa has been pretty sweet. I had some big deals going down with my surgery and stuff…But all seems to work out pretty well, doctor said it’s healing up pretty sweet and with the right physiotherapy and exercises I will get stronger quickly. It still is a serious injury and will need to give it all the time to heal properly…The doc said it’s best to have 3 months rest. People ask me if I don’t get bored here. But honestly I keep myself busy and going quite good. Just planning things for the year ahead and really sort everything out properly so all my products with Mystic and Slingshot roll out smooth.
It’s cool to still be able to work on the designs and make sure the prototypes are there when I’ll be back in action.

Also the lifestyle here in SA is really comfortable and I enjoy hanging with my mates down here. We go to the gym quite a bit and make sure we eat healthy and have a bunch of fun.

Cape Town’s also a beautiful city to cruise around in and there’s come great clubs around. Camps Bay is a pretty nice area with some cool beaches.

William Milne is out here now to start filming some cool stuff with Aaron. They go to quite a few good spots like, Langebaan and Brandvlei. Also they hit the cable park to go wakeboarding on the no wind days. I join them on the trips quite a bit to have some good laughs and just to get out. ☺
I just can’t wait to get involved with riding again and film all the shit we get up to.

Anyways, I’m off to the gym…

Check out some of the pics to get the vibe we are cruising at…Some pictures of my surgery, inside the ankle they did quite an interesting job. ☺

Aight, ride hard everyone and I’ll check back in with you guys later.

“The Dirty South”

The last two months have been pretty crazy for me here in Oz! After 3 months straight on the road overseas, I had one of the most exciting trips I have ever planned on the east coast of Australia.

The boys mapping out the trip (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

The trip was a 21 day long road trip starting in south west Victoria and finishing on the Sunshine coast of QLD, we (Scott Wisenbaker, Ian Alldredge, Jason Wolcott & My Dad Bill) did about 3000 kilometre’s in total and everyday was classic in one way or another.

The crew (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

We scored some epic east coast swell.

Classic east coast right-hand point break built for kiting (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

Kited the famous 12 Apostles.

Ian & Ben scoring a view of the Apostles that only few will every experience (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

We got Pro Surfer Danny Wills up and kiting in 1.5 hours.

Ben instructs Willsy (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

Hit the prestigious Mambo event.

The famous Mambo BBQ (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

Shaped some boards.

Ian watches Warren Cornish finish of his board (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

Went paragliding off a stupid cliff.

Ben over the cliff (frame grab from "The Dirty South")

Spent a day teaching some young kids with cancer how to fly the kite.

Training kite session (Jason Wolcott)
Canteen kids (Jason Wolcott)

To sum it up pretty much had a trip of a lifetime filming for my new movie project “The Dirty South”, so be sure to check it out!

12 Apostles sunset (frame grab from "The Dirty South")