LEN10 recovering in Cape Town

Spending time in South Africa has been pretty sweet. I had some big deals going down with my surgery and stuff…But all seems to work out pretty well, doctor said it’s healing up pretty sweet and with the right physiotherapy and exercises I will get stronger quickly. It still is a serious injury and will need to give it all the time to heal properly…The doc said it’s best to have 3 months rest. People ask me if I don’t get bored here. But honestly I keep myself busy and going quite good. Just planning things for the year ahead and really sort everything out properly so all my products with Mystic and Slingshot roll out smooth.
It’s cool to still be able to work on the designs and make sure the prototypes are there when I’ll be back in action.

Also the lifestyle here in SA is really comfortable and I enjoy hanging with my mates down here. We go to the gym quite a bit and make sure we eat healthy and have a bunch of fun.

Cape Town’s also a beautiful city to cruise around in and there’s come great clubs around. Camps Bay is a pretty nice area with some cool beaches.

William Milne is out here now to start filming some cool stuff with Aaron. They go to quite a few good spots like, Langebaan and Brandvlei. Also they hit the cable park to go wakeboarding on the no wind days. I join them on the trips quite a bit to have some good laughs and just to get out. ☺
I just can’t wait to get involved with riding again and film all the shit we get up to.

Anyways, I’m off to the gym…

Check out some of the pics to get the vibe we are cruising at…Some pictures of my surgery, inside the ankle they did quite an interesting job. ☺

Aight, ride hard everyone and I’ll check back in with you guys later.

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