Creativity is key…

Hello everybody, Rob Jacques here to check in once again. I have been thinking a lot about creativity while riding lately and it has been very refreshing. The past few times I have gone out riding, I thought every time I was going to edge in and do a trick, that I would do it slightly different. It could be something as simple as grabbing melon instead of mute to adding a neat little shifty in there somewhere. Overall it has been REALLY fun and exciting and I urge all of you reading this to start trying it, regardless of skill level. I don’t care if you are just tweaking a stalefish a different way or learning to front hand grab a tantrum to blind, it is the same amount of fun either way. If you have anything that you have learned lately like this that stokes you out, feel free to send me a message on facebook to share it with me. I love to hear from all of the riders out there who are just pumped to ride, learn and share it with friends, so add me on and let me know how you feel! You can also follow me on to see what the heck I am up to on a daily basis. Keep shredding, keep pushing it and keep the stoke alive!

Your friend,
Rob Jacques

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